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BRC invites you, your friends, family, work peers, neighbors, and anyone, everywhere who has a heart for NYC’s most vulnerable to support the homeless through the COVID-19 pandemic during BRC’s Impact in Action “Impact-a-thon!”

Register starting on September 15, and make your impact over the next 30 days by running, walking, hiking, swimming as a member of TeamBRC. You create your own endurance challenge, and set your own goals. You also have the option to sign up and commit to volunteering hours directly with BRC or organize a goods drive.  

As part of TeamBRC, your impact-a-thon will raise funds by asking friends, family, colleagues and neighbors to help you give a hand up to those experiencing homelessness. Via your very own fundraising pages, you can add updates to your endurance goals via the STRAVA app. 

If you raise $250, you will receive your very own TeamBRC T-shirt, as a thank you for your amazing contribution. 

This “Impact-a-thon” will run through October 15th. 

About BRC

BRC is a leading nonprofit organization providing caring and effective services and housing to vulnerable New Yorkers, serving about 10,000 individuals each year. BRC operates 29 programs and services ranging from, outreach to the unsheltered homeless; transitional housing and shelter; permanent housing; substance abuse treatment; mental and physical health services; workforce development and senior services, throughout New York City. For information on our programs, go to

After the Impact-A-Thon,
come celebrate with us!

All TeamBRC participants and their supporters will also be invited to BRC’s Virtual “Champions Benefit” to be held Tuesday, October 27th, at 7PM ET. The Benefit is free to participate and will honor the Impact-a-thon fundraisers, announce awards, as well as inform everyone about how your actions are making an impact in the lives of those most in need. 

Create your page to start. Any questions, email 

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